Boats & Equipment


 We operate three 4.8m semi rigid inflatable dive boats powered by 40hp & 50hp Yamaha outboards. Each boat takes 5 divers for single dives and 4 divers for double dives or 6 snorkellers and offers easy access in and out of the water and comfortable rides to and from dive sites.
All boats have new main and auxillary engines and have brand new pontoon tubing as well as sandblasted hulls. These boats have custom made tank ranks so your dive gear is well looked after and not lying on the floor of the boat at any time. 

2014 also saw a new larger 5.7 metre inflatable added to the fleet. This boat will be for Snorkel and Whale trips and can take a maximum of 8 passengers per trip. 

Another new addition is our Glass Bottom Boat which we run in Avatele bay. This boat can take up to 8 passengers per trip. Great for passengers who have young children or for people who do not want to get in the water during their trip. 
The boats are all equipped with safety gear such as VHF radios, life jackets, first aid kits, Anchors and auxillary engines.

All our boat trips are run with small groups to ensure that everyone has the best experience possible no matter of your chosen tour. 


We have a full range of well maintained and brand new hire equipment for use on our boat trips. All equipment is available for hire if joining one of our dive or snorkel trips. Snorkel equipment is available for hire for your own private snorkel trips. We do not hire out tanks or weights belts unless you're on one of our dive trips or courses.

Snorkel Gear Rental Prices-
-Mask/ Snorkel hire- $10 a day
- Snorkel Fin hire- $5 a day

Diving Gear Rental Prices- (Per Dive unless noted otherwise)
-Wetsuits- $5.00
- BCD'S- $8.00
- Regulator- (including octopus, gauges and computer)- $10.00
- Torches- $5.00 a dive or $10.00 for night dive
- Tank fills - $15.00 per tank
- Underwater Camera -  Cost $25.00 for snorkelling trips or single dives and $40.00 for double diving per trip. 
(Packages available for mutli day use for all equipment except Torches)

- Cylinders - We have a range of 65, 80 and 85 cuft aluminium cylinders with yoke valves and DIN valves.

- Weightbelts - Mares “comfy” fit weightbelts (S,M,L) with pockets for hard or soft weights

- BCD’s - A range of  Aqualung, Mares, Icon and Scubapro BCD's from junior to XL-
(Please note our boats are designed to carry recreational dive gear only – some technical brands such as Zeagle and Dive rite will not fit comfortably on our boats – nor will any BCD’s with metal back plates. If in doubt, please check with us before packing your gear)

- Regulators - Mares Regulators with Mares computers, Aqualung regulators equipped with Suunto computers and Scubapro Regulators equipped with Sub Gear computers. 

- Wetsuits - Spree/Mares 3mm or 5mm shorties and 3mm steamer wetsuits (plus vests) ranging in size from women's 8-18 and men's XS-XXXXL). Scubapro 5mm Long sleeve shorties are also available for divers. We also carry children's suits.

- Mask and Snorkels - a range of Mares and Apollo masks and snorkels. We also have 3 prescription masks (-3, -4 and -6) plus childrens masks and snorkels.

- Fins - Mares Avanti full foot fins, Technisub full foot diving fins, Freediving fins and rubber snorkelling fins are available

- Torches - Mares anodised aluminium body underwater Torches are available. 

- Life Jackets - RFD Protector buoyancy vests (child’s 12-25kg, XS-M, S-L, XXL)

All equipment has been upgraded and replaced in the past 4 years with Brand New equipment. We pride ourselves on our well maintained professional equipment as your safety is our priority.
We service or rotate all our equipment every 6 months.