The Buccaneers

Meet the Buccaneer Adventures Team 

Shannon Hunter-   SSI Instructor Trainer/SSI and PADI Apnea Instructor/PADI MSDT/Respond Right 1st Aid Instructor - Owner of Buccaneer Adventures Niue Dive. 
15 years and nearly 7000 dives down and I still remember my first breaths.

It was a cold rainy East Coast Australia winter day, zero vis and the sea was rock 'n' roll! All this and I was still hooked! I have been instructing now for 8 years and still love it. My career has taken me to some amazing locations for both employment and leisure, having worked in Cyprus in 2006/2007 and again last year, Sardegna Italy in 2007 and in Scotland (though after diving here I took a job at a heated pool complex!).
In 2008 I started my own Dive Center, Buccaneer Divers, and ran it successfully until handing the reigns over and selling up to begin my new adventure here in Niue. I love freediving and find the silent world addictive. In 2009 I competed in the Australian Deep Water Challenge and broke an Australian record for UFC freediving.
I have a passion for the water which sent me into marine conservation.
On the Gold Coast (Australia) I ran the "remove shark nets" campaign, and was in charge of the Sea Shepard Gold Coast office for 6 months. I have always had the belief that any day above ground is a good one, but any day underwater is a GREAT one.
Krystal Hunter- SSI Open Water Instructor- Owner of Buccaneer Adventures Niue Dive.

I was taught how to dive in 2010 and I was instantly hooked. In this short time I have traveled all over the world to experience new and exciting dive destinations and have met some amazing people along the way.
In 2011 me and my Husband Shannon moved to Cyprus to manage a dive shop, I was working in reception and learning how to run the store while Shannon took out the divers to experience the underwater world. I fell in love with the dive industry and immediately wanted to become a dive professional so I could get out of the office and be in the water everyday, helping people to make their first bubbles.
Now as an Instructor, I get to take divers on underwater tours to experience Niue's magic and take new divers on their first breaths under the sea.
I couldn't imagine a better job in the world.
Pepper - The Wonderdog 

I am Pepper and I live at the Dive Shop. I love to meet new people and I am obsessed with my Ball.
No matter how much you throw my ball for me, it isn't enough. I will bring it back for you to throw again. 
I love to swim and head out on Stand Up Paddle Boards with my parents. 
I am very friendly and energetic and hope that you will come and play ball with me while you are in Niue.
Daniel Fitzgerald-  SSI XR Instructor/Normoxic Trimix Technical diver/Respond Right First Aid Instructor.

I learnt to dive while travelling through the USA in 2010.  Since then I’ve racked up 2000 dives in Australia, New Zealand and all over the South Pacific, ranging from teaching Open Water courses on the Gold Coast, to trimix technical dives in the cold waters of Melbourne. 

Since becoming an Instructor in 2011, I’ve been working full time in the dive industry and still love introducing people to the underwater world.  My passion is in training comfortable, confident divers who will share my love of diving.  When I’m not working as a diver, you’ll find me chasing wrecks, caves or any other underwater challenge I can squeeze myself into!

I look forward to showing you the amazing diving Niue and B.A.N.D has to offer!