Lau's Getaway

We have many dive sites we dive at regularly – most are less than 10 minutes boat ride away – the longest trip is half an hour. The sites feature either caves, caverns or pristine hard coral reefs. No special training is required for the cavern dives – all have easy access and natural light sources. All dives are guided dives. To help you get the most from your Niue Dives, all dives have an experienced guide.
1- Snake Gully- Niue’s signature site – this one has it all – a cavern crammed with painted crayfish, sea snakes by the dozens (and sometimes hundreds), schools of barracuda which make regular appearances and all in a depth of less than 20 metres. The Niuean Sea Krait - Known locally as Katuali, is only found on Niue. Despite being highly venomous, they are very placid and highly curious and a lovely feature on most of our dive sites. No-one has ever been bitten in the water by a Niuean Sea snake and they end up being a favourite of many of the divers who visit Niue. Add to this the possibility of sighting Turtles, Sharks and Maori Wrasse, and its easy to see why divers want to come back here time and time again.  For all levels of experience, depth 5m-30m.

2- Matavai Bommie- Divers explore a coral uprising starting deep and working their way up to the shallows often spotting a Ribbon Eel along the way. There's a gully to explore and a slope of coral with lots of hidden gems. Great site to appreciate Niue's visibility and the growth of large plate corals extending down to 40m. Can be done as a deep or shallow dive. For all levels of experience, depth 5m-40m.

3- Ana Mahaga (Limu Twin Caves) – Two caverns sitting side by side with a tunnel connecting them, open enough to make the most novice diver feel comfortable, but with interesting swim thrus and plenty of nooks and crannies to satisfy the most experienced of divers. Marine life regularly encountered here includes ribbon eels, lion fish, schools of trevally and midnight sea perch, puffer fish and white tip reef sharks. For Advanced Certifications and higher only, depth 5m-30m.

4- The Dome- A dramatic dive for people not afraid of the dark. A shallow cave that extends 30 metres back under the island where divers can surface in a large chamber which has small stalactites and often several coconut crabs. Schools of Sweeper and Squirrel Fish hang out in the cave and Juvenile Rock Mover Wrasse are often spotted at the entrance. It also includes some swim through's and a chasm to explore. For all levels, depth 8m-18m.

5- The Chimney- A chance to play Santa Claus as you glide down an underwater chimney to arrive in the fireplace. A side chamber is home to a collection of Painted Crayfish. Exit the chamber at 28m to discover Niue's own "wreck", the remains of a Toyota Land Cruiser and lawn mower washed off the cliffs in a cyclone. Swim through's and gullies to explore in the shallows with some very good macro life to encounter along the wall. For Advanced certifications and higher only, depth 5m-30m.

6- Bubble Cave- One of our most popular sites which has something for everyone. A dark cave where you can surface inside an enclosed chamber with large stalactites, which is completely cut off from land. This is one of the caves where the Niuean Sea Kraits lay their eggs, so prepare to see a large number of Sea Snakes up in the cave on the rocks. It was featured in Episode 2 "Reptiles and Amphibians" of the BBC Life TV series (approx 33 minutes in) which was filmed with the help of Ian and Annie previous owners of Niue Dive. A second cavern to explore the reef to encounter anemone fish and a range of macro life. For all levels, depth 5m-24m.

7- Tunnel Vision- The boat drops divers at the entrance of a cave, where the divers make their way over a lunar landscape, round the base of a large boulder to some swim through's and back in the shallows towards Bubble Cave dive site. Opportunity for exploring Bubble Cave also with this dive depending on divers air consumption. Large Eels, Reef Sharks and occasionally Rays are spotted on this site. For experienced divers only, depth 5m-18m.

8- Sand River- Follow a river of sand from the shallows to the drop-off. Keep your eye on the blue for any visitors of the deep. Hover around a coral uprising which is busy with marine life. An endless coral garden in the shallows with regular sightings of schools of Trigger Fish and Surgeon Fish. All level of divers depth 10m-30m.

9- Channeling- A series of channels or gullies cut into a beautiful hard coral reef with interesting critters hiding along the edges. For those wanting to go deeper, there is a large brain shaped coral down at 30m. Also ideal for divers wanting a relaxing dive floating in amongst the "aquarium" of tropical reef life in the shallows. For all levels of divers, depth 5m-35m

10- Tama- A great site for diver's who haven't been under in a while. A nice and easy coral wall with always something to see. Corals, Clams, and tropical fish life can be found in the shallows. Great for photographers and anyone wanting a cruisy dive. For all levels of experience, depth 5m-30m

11- Gothic City- A fantastic coral dive along Niue's wild south coast. Diver's swim through a city of coral heads, some up to 500 years old with schools of fish cruising around the "streets". Drift along the drop-off with the coral extending down to 50m. Often some current present which may bring in some pelagics. This site is very weather dependant, for comfortable open water divers onwards. Depth 10m-40m

12- Tepa Point- Our deepest dive at the southern point of Avetele bay which sometimes has strong currents bringing in the pelagics. A small garden of Gorgonia Fans begin around 30m and continues down beyond 40 metres to the drop-off. Sharks, Tuna, Barracuda and Trevally are often sighted on this dive. Several anemones can be found along the wall. For all levels of divers- 10m-40m

13- The Maze- One for divers with a good sense of direction. Lots of twists and turns as divers make their way through a series of swim through's around boulders and up gullies. Popular hang out for Parrot Fish and Sea Snakes. White Tip Reef Sharks are often spotted here along with Moray Eels and occasionally Turtles. For all levels of divers, depth 5m-20m.

14- The Cut- The boat drops divers at the top of a deep chasm where they can drop down to 30m to discover the marine life hiding along the walls. Divers then make their way along the reef edge into the shallows where there are a series of swim through's. The boat picks up the divers when they have finished their exploration. For advanced divers or higher only, depth 5m-30m.

15- The Catacombs- our shallowest cave system full of Painted Crayfish, lobsters and fish and all at 4 metres of water. With many caverns and cuts to explore you will see just how Niue is like swiss cheese, full of holes to explore. Great for all levels of divers with a sense of adventure. For all levels of divers comfortable in enclosed spaces. Depth 4m-12m.

16- Anchorage- Located under our yacht moorings in Alofi bay lies this site where you travel down a deep gully to a drop off, travel along the drop off to spot some admiralty anchors that have been washed up after the cyclone in 2004. This is a great dive to spot Eagle Rays, Giant Moorings, Trevally and Reef Sharks that sometimes come past the drop-off. Dive site is for advanced divers or higher only, depth 10-30 metres.

17- Night Dive at Tomb Point- Start with a giant stride off Sir Roberts Wharf just at sundown, follow the reef wall under Tomb's Point to explore the creepy and interesting critters that come out only at night. Regularly spotted on the night dives are Fantail or Blotched Marble Rays, White Tip Reef Sharks, Featherstars, endless amounts of shrimps, decorator Crabs, Anemone Crabs and Niuean Sea Kraits. Great for any level of diver, whether you have done a night dive or starting in Niue, this will be great for you. Depth- 5m 15m.

Please check your certification level depth limit. We will not take any diver deeper than their certification level.