Scuba Diving

Diving in Niue is easy yet very rewarding with warm water all year around and with some of the greatest visibility in the world, often reaching 100m and never falling below 30m. Niue has a mixture of easy to access caves and caverns and pristine hard coral reef dives home to many interesting marine creatures. With rarely any currents or surges we have something spectacular to offer divers of all qualifications.
Buccaneer Adventures Niue Dive is the sole dive operator in Niue and we strive to make your dives with us fun and stress free. The fun begins when the boat is lifted into the water using one of two winches on the Island, there are no boat ramps in Niue! All dive sites are a short distance from the launch site with the longest boat ride being 20 minutes and most dive sites only 5-10 minutes by boat.
We cater for small groups on each dive site at a time with the inflatable boats taking a maximum of 4 divers on double dives and 5 divers on single dive. You will be able to focus on the beautiful surroundings rather than "champagne bubbles" from countless numbers of other divers often seen on dive trips.

Dive Trips
Double Dives- We visit two different dive sites and spend the surface interval on board the boat or snorkeling if there is time in-between the dives- we may even come across the Dolphins. Double Dives operate from at 07:45am.  We take a maximum of 8 divers per day for double dive trips.
Single Dive- Single dive trips operate from Monday to Saturday at 14:15pm. Running time is maximum 2.5 hours and each boat for a single dive can carry 5 divers.
Night Dives- From April- November night dives take place on Wednesday nights, meeting at Alofi Wharf at 17:45pm. These are run as shore dives at a site called Tombs Point where some weird and wonderful critters come out at dark to entertain us. We can take a maximum of 10 divers on the night dives. 

Dive Prices
Double dives start at $190.00nzd with tank and weights only.
Single dives start at $100.00nzd per person with tank and weights only.

Dive packages are available and are based on a single diver. Dive packages cannot be shared between multiple divers.

Diving Gear Rental Prices- (Per Dive unless noted otherwise)
- Wetsuits- $5.00
- BCD'S- $8.00
- Regulator- (including octopus, gauges and computer)- $10.00
- Fins - $5.00 for the day
- Mask/Snorkel- $5.00 for the day on trips. $10.00 a day to hire for personal use.
- Torches- $5.00 a dive 
- Tank fills - $15.00 per tank
- Underwater Camera - - Go Pros-  to hire easy to operate even for first time photographers
–Cost $25.00 for snorkelling trips or single dives and $40.00 for double diving per trip. 
- Full equipment hire- $30.00 a day Special price- Pay 4 days get 5 days rental.
*Full equipment hire includes: BCD, Regulator with dive computer, wetsuit, mask, snorkel, fins and rash vest.

Please be aware if bringing your own gear it must adhere to PADI, SSI and RTSC standards for safety. 
*Regulators must be equipped with a Primary Reg and an Octopus, and at least an air gauge. If you do not have a computer it must also have a depth gauge. 
If you Regulator is free flowing or deemed unsafe by your guide you will be required to hire a shop regulator for your dives. Our service technician may also be able to look at your regulator r for you.
* Diving without a computer is not recommended, however if you choose to do so we will require you to dive to dive table standards which will result in shorter dive times. 
*BCD's must have an emergency dump valve working and we usually cannot fit any BCD's with backplates on board the boats.

Dive Sites in Niue
Niue has a number of dive sites which range from beginner to advanced levels. We have a mix of cave/cavern, Pristine Coral Reef and Drop off dives. 
Click here for details on our Dive Sites

Junior Divers-
Niue has a number of dive sites which are well suited for junior divers – but to ensure a safe and fun experience for all, the following restrictions apply:
1. In line with SSI and PADI recommendations, junior divers under 15 yrs have a maximum depth restriction of 12 metres regardless of previous diving experience.
2. Divers under 15 years of age are unable to enter into cave systems and must dive with their parent/guardian

Please advise us in advance if there is a junior diver in your group as that may affect the sites you can dive.

What you need to bring:
* Dive certification- No proof- No dive!!
* Logbooks

Information required for each diver: (Please provide when booking).
* Dive Qualification
* Last Dive Date
*Number of Logged dives
*If you are hiring gear or bringing your own
*Where you are staying in Niue

What is provided on the tour:
* Dive guide/boat skipper
* Transfers to and from the dive site- Pick ups can be arranged if the schedule allows
*Tank and weights
* Equipment washing/drying and storage facilities
* Water and light snacks.
It is highly recommended that you pre-book all dives as we are the only dive shop with limited spaces and fill up very quickly.
Limited pre-booking spaces available for dives, to avoid disappointment, book your trip early