What To Bring

Planning a trip to Niue? These tips will help you make sure you have everything you need while on the island. 

Must Bring

Dive Card – all divers need to present proof of certification. We can only check recent SSI, PADI and NAUI certifications online. If you cannot be found online and do not have proof of certification you cannot dive. 

NZ Cash- The dive shop along with most tours, restaurants and shops are NZ cash only and cannot accept card payments. We highly recommend bringing plenty of New Zealand Dollars with you to avoid disappointment when you arrive in Niue. Niue has no ATM's and you will be charged a hefty fee to get a cash advance from your credit card at the bank.

Highly Recommended

Niue has few shops and limited stock so it's best to arrive prepared ...

Batteries – for torches and cameras.

Sun Protection – our boats are not covered so please bring hats, sunglasses and sunscreen

Mask – your own properly fitting dive mask is always best.

Wet Weather Jacket – especially in the cooler months when wind chill during the surface interval and during boat travel can effect your comfort

Reef shoes – some sort of water proof shoe or sandal for access to the many reef pools along the coast

Pharmaceuticals – with only a handful of shops on the island, there are very few supplies of basic medications – so please bring anything you need such as sunscreen, sea sick tablets, contact lens solution, ear drops etc

Evacuation/Dive Insurance – An emergency evacuation from Niue can cost over US$60,000!  It is recommended that you take out some sort of diving evacuation insurance such as offered by D.A.N. as hospital facilities on Niue are basic and the closest recompression chamber is in New Zealand. DAN insurance can be organised at the dive shop upon arrival if needed.

Dive Computer – we are happy to calculate your dives using tables, but to get the most out of the multilevel diving here, bring a dive computer with a fresh battery installed! If you don't have a computer you will be diving on table times which can result in shorter dives.

Swimsuit - please bring whatever swimwear you require during your stay as none of the shops on Niue sell them.

Niue Dive has dive gear available for hire but if you want to bring your own ...

Wetsuits – this really depends on how much you feel the cold and how long your dives tend to be. Water temperature is around 25-26 degrees Celcius from June to October and is around 27-29 degrees C from November to May.

As a guide, most of our guests wear 3mm shorties and steamers in the warmer months and in the cooler months most seem comfortable in either a 5mm steamer or a 3mm steamer with vest

Torch – Most of the cavern dives require a dive torch – for most dives just a small pocket sized water proof torch is all you need. Cost to hire a torch per dive is $5 

Camera – There are numerous opportunities for underwater photos on Niue. With the good visibility, even disposable cameras can give good results. Camera batteries and digital storage cards are rare so bring your own spares. There is no film processing on the island.

Bring chargers that accept 240v AC power and the New Zealand/Australian 'Type I' plug.

Please note our boats are designed to carry recreational dive gear only – some technical brands such as Zeagle and Dive rite will not fit comfortably on our boats – nor will any BCD’s with metal back plates. If in doubt, please check with us before packing your gear